Outdoor Box Club


Feel like going on an adventure? Nothing sexier than a guy who loves the great outdoors, just make sure you got the right gear from your Outdoor Box Club. Making sure your set for a day of hunting, shooting, fishing, camping and hiking! Each month you’ll get 4-7 items that will ensure your ready for your next great adventure. Just fill out their questionnaire upon sign up to let them know your interests. Maybe you like hunting? Then look forward to knifes, calls, vests, binoculars, range finders and more! In this box;

  1. Raptor Razors – A precision cutting knife, these are great for your adventures to come! Perfect for hunting, fishing, skinning and more! 
  2. Cush pillow seat – perfect for camping! But also great when you need a comfy seat while long hunting or fishing trips! 
  3. Instafire Fire Starter – oh I like this, always great to have. I’ve learnt a little on how to build a fire lately by watching friends, but here is a quick and easy way even when your using wet wood! 
  4. Bug Band Insect Repellent – great towelettes that are Deet Free. 
  5. Dart Bags – these are great for target shooting or archery! 
  6. Shooter’s banded ear pads – these are great and easy to use, great for shooting! 
  7. Bonus! A pair of eye protectors and little ear buds! 

Starting at only $30 a month with free shipping within the states or an extra $7 if shipping to Canada. Order here;


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