The Brew Box


Time for a brewski? How do you do your beer tastings? I dunno about you but I love trying all the newest releases and unique beers out there. What’s better than a flight of beer? A Box!!!! Be sure to check out the Brew Box with their amazing craft beer subscription. Each month they will mail you a box of premium craft beers to enjoy for yourself … or share! This is an Ontario beer option so luckily they have toooons of brewers in the province and they ship to BC, Alberta, Sask, Nova Scotia and Ontario! Each box will include tons of yummy brews, as well as tasting notes to be sure you know what your drinking, what to pair it with, and how to enjoy it! They have 5 great options for subscribing to;

  1. Brewscovery Club – Starting at only $58 a month and includes unique beers from independent brewers around Ontario. These hard to find beers will include about 4L of delicious brews from 3 unique brewers.
  2. Brewthusiast Club – Starting at only $59 a month for 2 bottles or $99 for 4 bottles, get the most exclusive and high end beers from around Ontario.
  3. SawDust City Club – Specific to this brewery, get a mix of brews from them starting at only $72. You’ll be getting 2 premium bottles, 10 tall boys and a few other fun items!
  4. SilverSmith Club – Once again, specific to this fun and exciting brewery and starting at only $80 a month. You can expect 8 bottles and lots of other fun items!
  5. Beau’s Beer Club – Starting at only $70 a month this one includes favorite from Beau’s Brewery! You’ll find 8 bottles each month!

What’s in this box?

  1. Clifford Brewing – Pinball Wizard – this is a Pale Ale but super hoppy! Get ready for full citrus flavour here!
  2. Elora Brewing – Lantern Light – this is a Farmhouse Ale and saison style brew that is funky and light, perfect for patio drinking! 
  3. Elora Brewing – Wandering Monk – we have a Belgian IPA at a whopping 8.2%! Ladies hold on to ya’ knickers! Tart and tropical flavours! 
  4. Sawdust City Brewing – Hygge (Hu-Gah) – ooooh a Tripel here, mmm sours are a fav of mine lately, really liking this one! 
  5. MacLean’s Ales – Armchair Scotch Ale – ahhh this British Ale is malty yes smooooth.
  6. MacLean’s Ales – Luck & Charm Oatmeal Stout – mmmm my fav, man I love my stouts! Love the subtle coffee flavour, smooth and goes down easy! 
  7. MacLean’s Ales – Farmhouse Blonde – another fav, love the blondes! Super light for an ale! 
  8. MacLean’s Ales – Pale Ale – mmm nice and simple but hoppy too! 

Love a beer you tried? Contact them for a private order! Hosting a wedding or party? Contact them to get a special shipment! Order here;


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