Broad Box 


Looking for a box that will take care of you and all your lady needs? Then check out the Broad Box! Ensuring your always covered when it comes to anytime including ‘that’ time of the month, pampering time which is always in my mind, the sexual kind… oh ya ladies… and also baby time! Taking care of women’s needs in every way, every day. There are 4 box options;

  1. Broad – ensuring your never caught without your lady items. You can expect tampons, pads, feminine wipes and perhaps some advil to tide you over! Starting at $9.99 to $24.99. This is the one featured. Love how they included so many extras! Comfy socks, lots of tea samples, face masque and a bath bomb! 
  2. Body – ensuring you always have silky smooth legs. This could include a shaver, shave gel and lotions. Starting at $14.99 to $34.99.
  3. Blush – does this one need explaining? Get your monthly supply (heehee) of goodies each month for your sexual wellness, perhaps some condoms and lube? Oh and feminine wipes of course. No need to blush ladies, just keeping out for you on this one, everyone likes to have a little fun! Just do ‘it’ safely if you know what I mean! Starting at $9.99 to $24.99. 
  4. Baby – Keeping your baby happy with baby wipes, lotions, baby powder type items, because babies matter too! Starting at $19.99 to $39.99. 

I like how you can create your own box, selecting all the bits and pieces that you prefer, plus a few extra goodies like the above; bath bomb, comfy socks, tea and a face masque! Love it! All the items to make you feel comfy and happy during that unhappy time of the month! This company is made by women for women, plus they donate a portion of the sales to non-profit organizations who help women and children. Starting at only $9.99 for a box plus shipping. Get an extra 25% when you use code FIRSTBOX25. Order here;


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