Fit Lifestyle Box


What was your New Years Resolution? Perhaps to get fit? Let the Fit Lifestyle Box help you get there with some fun and exciting items each month to keep you in the right direction! They have 3 options to choose from for men and women; Get Strong, Stay Fit and Get Lean. The first lets you benefit while getting stronger and building muscle. The second is for fat burning and weight loss. The last is a mix of both to keep you on track. In this box;

  1. Spider Tech patch – I’ve used these before! They are good for aches and pains, a therapy to realign and stick anywhere!
  2. Epic Spreads – mmm peanut cashew coconut spread in cookies and cream flavour. Sounds good! Good for smoothies, baking, spreading or eating as is! 
  3. Lenny & Larrys complete cookie – mmm love white chocolate macadamia cookies! This is a vegan, protein cookie and massive too!
  4. Alpha amino reactor – I’m not a fan of supplements, although never tried them. Luckily my best buddy is all about them so will happily make use of them! 
  5. OutRage extreme energy igniter- this is terrifying… it’s green and supposed to give u a boost for working out? Scary! This is the only item I dislike in the box as it just goes against what I think working out should be like. You shouldn’t need to take something like this to get a burst of energy to workout. A simple protein shake should suffice my friends! 
  6. Stronger than Yesterday tee – this is cute, my mom saw it and loved it so she’ll be happy to get this!

Overall this was a fun first box. Got to try out some never before products and got a little inspiration to get fit! Only $20 a month with free shipping. Order here;

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