Next Meat


We’re all back to work tomorrow after the holidays so you know what today is about – Meal Prep! Luckily Next Meat has me good and ready for the new year with some amazing meats this month, perfect for us meataterians. Next Meat sends me some local Canadian goodness in a box and even some fabulous imports too. I love trying new meat, cheese and accompaniments each weekend whether it be at Granville Island, or my local butcher. This subscription allows me to relax at home and get the products straight to my door! This month we got; 

  1. Tartufo Salami – my favourite for sure. I love truffles so was pleasantly surprised with this one, goes perfect with my go to breakfast as pictured above! All I need is my special sauce and my rosemary muffins from Avenue Breads! 
  2. Salami al Finocchino – mmm fennel salami, my second favourite, so flavourful! Geez I love this month! 
  3. Mild Chorizo – perfect for me!
  4. Hot Chorizo – perfect for my guests! Can’t handle this much spicy! 
  5. Spanish style chorizo – mmm this one is tasty for sure! 

In your box you can expect 4+ meats, and possibly some other items like crackers, cheeses, salts, vinegars or oils. The products could be local or imported from Italy, Germany, Spain, or elsewhere. 
Use code MEAT15 for 15% off your first month and get free shipping for as low as $45 a month, Canada only! Order here;

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