Black Sheep – December 


Was very exciting for my 2nd Black Sheep box. I like how there’s always a soap, a candle and 2 other items like a scrub and lip balm. I’d use these up each month anticipating the next months flavors! Black Sheep is a health conscious skincare line that sends you 3-5 full sized handmade items using high quality natural ingredients that will make you look and feel well. They are made in small batches and supporting other small handcrafted businesses so they’ll have one product from another company as well. Love that! In this box;

  1. Cocoa Mint Body Scrub – oh this smells good all right! Mmm the smells of peppermint and cocoa is intoxicating! 
  2. Activated Charcoal Soap – how fun is this? It will help remove impurities from your skin and has anti-aging benefits. 
  3. Whipped Lip Butter – mmm smells like frosting! I actually wanted to lick it off my lips! 
  4. Candle – I like this Blue Spruce candle, smells like a Christmas tree and perfect lit up during a relaxing bath. Very calming and soy of course! 

Loving that you can also purchase individual products. Sooo many things I’d want to try like their face masks, toners, and soaps. Only $14.95 a month plus $4.95 for shipping and use code FIRST10 for 10% off your first order or BSB1ST for your 1st box free! Order here;

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