How do you Dial in Style? I realize I actually have quite a few iPhone gadgets, I’m that person who switches up their iPhone case all the time to keep things fun and exciting! DialNStyle is perfect for folks like me always looking to keep up with technology, using all the latest bits and pieces in the phone world. Each month you will get a new phone case (depending on what kind of phone you have of course!) and accessories for that specific phone! I was quite happy with all the items in this box and started using most of them immediately! In this box we got; 

  1. iPhone Case – I have this on my phone right now. It’s clear and super cute with the fancy ring. Makes your phone easy to hold and carry too! 
  2. Glass Protector – Also just put this on my phone! I haven’t had a screen protector on my lastest iPhone 6 for some reason, never really got around to it. Luckily this one is far better then the rest with Premium tempered glass it’s shatter proof and delicate to touch so it doesn’t take anything away from your phone like most. 
  3. ROAR earbuds – sweet tangle free advanced audio earbuds with a built in mic. 
  4. Aux cable – coiled so it doesn’t get all tangled.
  5. 360° car holder – I’ve needed something like this for ages! Finally a little holder for my car! Just put it on your air outlet and go! 

Overall the quality and quantity were great for this box. Only $30 a month for $75 worth of products plus free shipping! Order here;


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